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this blog has moved

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hush river

earlier in the week emma sabjan, dan and i decided to head to the blue mountains for a day of exploring the forest and taking pictures. we had the best time just hanging out and shooting for fun, here are some of the pictures i took! dan's film is coming soon.

the photos with the waterfall were taken on the rocks all the way at the bottom here!

 and some behind the scenes from the day:

dan filming.

feeling dead after walking the hundreds of stairs back up the mountain.

coffee in cafes overlooking the mountain.

printed tees: teepee designs
black bralette: borrowed from jessie mcnaught styling
white dress: miss selfridge
all other clothes from our own collection :)

also, lots of these photos were edited with a new raw preset i just released named after this series: hush river


golden splendour

model: joshua maxwell
stylist: harmony hearsey
film: dan @ i make films

in the late afternoon a fire burnt furiously in the far distance. the air was hot and filled with smoke, but everything was covered in a beautiful red glaze by the time we arrived to the city. joshua had come down from melbourne with felicity downie to spend a few days in sydney, and we all spent the afternoon with harmony & dan shooting in the alleyways and side-streets of the empty suburbs. we talked and wandered in between every photo we took, and when it was too dark to take photos, we all went out for thai and ended up talking for hours more. joshua is an amazing photographer himself, and it was so lovely to finally be able to meet felicity in person after first meeting her online years ago on deviantart!

these are the photos from one of the best days shooting i've had in a long while, and of course i'm so happy dan came along to put together this amazing short film too: